Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency

Did you have WCI installed, or Wall Cavity Insulation for short? ? It was part of a process that your contractor did in order to register the installation with CIGA, short for Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency. CIGA should have provided you with a certificate.

This was important for those who provided HVAC services. This was especially the case for the people who had the installation done under what is known as the Green Deal. Before the HVAC company could draw out their payment plan for the installation, the process involved with the Green Deal needed to be done first.

Every now and then we hear about how people received installations that were not registered with CIGA. There are various reasons why this could have happened, such as the product was expired. Regardless of whether or not the installation was registered, the contractor may not have been paid because there was no financial incentive for them, which means they probably decided now to do the registration process.

If the above has happened, then it usually means the contractor just disregarded everything. It may also indicate that the quality of work performed was low. This is why you should see if you can get a copy of your guarantee or check that you have a guarantee in the first place.

Getting A Copy Of Your Certificate
If your CWI has faults in it, then you can retain a panel solicitor, who will represent you. They can help you get a copy of the certificate too. Don’t worry though because getting a copy of it is usually fast and easy, and it doesn’t usually cost anything.

You can call CIGA and speak to someone directly. You can request a certificate and they will mail it out to you. Be prepared to provide CIGA with your address and your full name, as well as whether or not the property is registered. It’s not required to disclose the reason why you want the certificate, but you are free to do so.

All you have to is tell them you need the certificate for your files. Also, sometimes you need a copy of the certificate if you want to sell your home. But, you don’t have to tell them the exact reason for the request.

You do have rights if the installation was done before you bought the house or when you made the purchase. You might also be required to provide details to CIGA because they might need to update their records. Another way to request a certificate is to write to them.

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