Cavity wall insulation is one of the most effective methods of reducing your energy bills. Cavity wall insulation should be performed properly for the maximum benefits to the homeowner. Many problems can crop up when insulation isn’t done correctly. There are so many homeowners who have reported substandard cavity wall insulation installations – which can lead to damp and damage to homes. Tens and thousands of homeowners nationwide have reported incorrect cavity wall insulation installations in recent years.

Problems With Incorrect Installations Of Cavity Wall Insulation

There are so many reasons to remove incorrect cavity wall insulation installations. Some of them include:

. The insulation product may not provide effective insulation due to time-related degradation
. The insulation has been fitted badly
. The insulation has been installed in an inappropriate property
. The insulation has been subjected to flooding

BBC reported a Welsh MP stating that inappropriate cavity wall insulation has already become a scandal in the country. He then called on the UK Government to take necessary action to prevent this dreadful mess.

Who Is Affected?

IRT Surveys Ltd conducted a recent study of over 250,000 homes in the United Kingdom. They found damp, slumped or missing insulation in over 50% of the cavity wall homes the company investigated. It means there are more than three million homes in the United Kingdom that are affected by cavity wall insulation issues.

How To Know If My Home Has Faulty Cavity Wall Insulation?

Without an expert assessment, it can be quite tricky to identify cavity wall insulation problems. That’s why you need to get an expert to inspect your home. Here are some general signs of cavity wall insulation problems:

. Damaged brickwork
. No noticeable increase in temperature or heat due to the low-quality materials used
. Condensation, damp, and mould issues
. Drill holes are visible in the walls
. Blocked air vents

You are entitled to compensation if you have any of these problems in your home.

How To Get The Problem Corrected?

If the cavity wall installation service is still operating, they have to rectify the problem. But some of them may not be active today. If the company isn’t active today or they refuse to rectify the problem, the responsibility will fall on CIGA under its 25-year warranty. The maximum payout for remedial work with CIGA is around £30,000.

How To Check If I Can Claim?

Call one of our claim specialists and he or she will quickly let you know if you have a valid claim. They will let you know about the amount you are likely to receive. You should click the “Can I Claim” button to complete the form, and we will assess your claim.

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