What sorts of properties could be a candidate for a cavity wall insulation claim?

A stone or brick property that was built within the last three decades should have some form of insulation. To be effective, the insulation should not be exposed to the elements, and it should be thicker than 50mm. It is also important that it is the right type of material for the structure, and that it is installed properly.

How Can I Tell if the Installation Failed?

Common telltale signs that the installation has failed include damp or mould in the property, discolored or peeling wallpaper, black mould, stale or musty odors, mildew or fungal growths, rotten woodwork and condensation on the walls, especially in rooms where the walls feel cold to the touch.

What Would Happen to the Property if I did not Fix the Installation?

Cavity wall insulation may fail for a number of reasons, including the wrong type of insulation choice for the property, poor pointing, or leaving debris in the cavities. Blocked air bricks can also cause problems. If water is allowed to get into the insulation material, it may become damp and fall to the base of the cavity. Internal elevations might show signs of damp or condensation, while timber may begin to rot. Black mould spots are a common issue, and over time the structure could start to deteriorate, which could necessitate expensive and time-consuming remedial work. The presence of mould could lead to chest infections for people who spend time in the property.

Who Should Fix Bad Cavity Wall Insulation?

If the homeowner was mis-sold their insulation by their energy company, and the installation was described as ‘free’, then it could be that the homeowner had been paying for the work through their energy bills, and they have the opportunity claim back the cost and the mis-selling that way. In other cases, the cavity wall insulation was incorrectly advised and badly installed, and you may be able to make a claim on that basis.

Will it Cost Anything to Put a Claim in?

The short answer is no. The CIGA, the installation company, and their IBG provider are responsible for repairing your property and protecting your health. If the installation company has ceased trading or will not help you do still have options for making a claim and you will not face up-front costs for taking advantage of our service.

Will my CIGA Guarantee Be of any Use?

In some cases, you can make a claim against your CIGA guarantee. It makes sense to double check this first.

How Long Will it Take to Fully Repair the Property?

As soon as the insulation is removed and remedial work has been done, the property will start to ‘recover’. You will need to wait a while for the mould to dry out, and any rot will need to be fixed before you can redecorate.

Is there a Deadline for Making a Claim?

Claims for work that was done in the last six years have the best chances of success. However, even if you had your cavity wall insulation done up to 15 years ago you can still make a claim if the issues have only just appeared. If you are claiming for a health issue then you have a three year time period in most cases. Call us for more advice, since claims are considered on a case by case basis.

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