Urea-Formaldehyde Foam Insulation

Urea-formaldehyde foam initially was used back several decades ago at the time the market first saw cavity wall insulation introduced. This kind of insulation degrades gradually as the years pass by, meaning it falls down towards the bottom of any cavity it is in. That means that as it gets older, its efficiency goes down. […]

Cavity Wall Insulation Problems

Cavity wall insulation is one of the most effective methods of reducing your energy bills. Cavity wall insulation should be performed properly for the maximum benefits to the homeowner. Many problems can crop up when insulation isn’t done correctly. There are so many homeowners who have reported substandard cavity wall insulation installations – which can […]

CIGA cavity wall insulation guarantee claim

Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency Did you have WCI installed, or Wall Cavity Insulation for short? ? It was part of a process that your contractor did in order to register the installation with CIGA, short for Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency. CIGA should have provided you with a certificate. This was important for those who provided […]

Failure Of Cavity Wall Insulation, Financial Liability, and Energy Loss

There has been cavity wall insulation installed in 12 million houses all across the UK which is part of a huge scheme for reducing energy loss and energy use and will reduce the UK’s carbon footprint ultimately. Cavity Wall Insulation appeared to be such a great idea and may be installed for free in your […]

Surprise issues with cavity wall insulation

Have You Been a Victim of Cavity Wall Insulation Problems? There are many surprise issues with cavity wall insulation. If you don’t think you’ve fallen victim to the issues, you may want to think twice. There has been a huge push to get homeowners to invest in getting insulation for their properties, and this ‘PR […]